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1965 AFL Championship Buffalo Bills team......
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I wonder what they think of those who
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It's GREAT to be a Bills fan!! Welcome to the Mafia!
Now all Allen needs is time and better coaching/play calls.

The Electric Buffalo
(Things have to change, con't from the index page)

      So this is the way the media and the league choses to handle bad and possibly corrupt play officiating? Just sweep it under the rug,
and let the vast sums of wager monies dictate the outcomes of games? While pockets of who knows what gets lined with cash?

      Sure there were other aspects of the Bills performance that was less than stellar, to say the least, contributing to the disappointing
resolution of the game. Questionable play calls, not only for the offense, but defense in the second half, leading to an implosion of the first
half dominance, cannot be denied. But those things were not unsurmountable for the team to overcome. Calls by the officials, such as  "un-
sportsmanlike conduct" on a perfectly legal block, consequently taking the Bills out of field goal range, with a 15 yard penalty, in overtime,
and possibly a win, are things beyond the "Good Guys" control, and just can't be overcome.

      You may call my ranting :Sour Grapes" or whatever you want, but when the replay clearly repudiates a deliberate and critically timed
bad call against a team, (and it always seems to be against Buffalo and other so-called small market teams), to influence the game
outcome. There must be some immediate recourse to correct the wrong. Perhaps fining Refs after so many violations would start to
remedy the situation. In any event, things have to change if the NFL wishes to begin to gain the respect once again of the fans and
remove the veil of "payola" and doubt that shrouds the NFL today.

      I believe gambling money has infiltrated the NFL and it's beginning to show its' ugly presence, bigtime! And I'm afraid it's going to get
worse before any turn around will be implemented.

      And then, as a perfect example, there is the "Don't touch Brady" mystique, that everyone acknowledges, and you are "called" if you
ignore the command.  

    But don't get me started...................

The way I see it anyway.......